Harry Ferguson tracts

January 1st, 2014


The following ‘tracts’ (or leaflets produced with a concise gospel message) have been produced for the annual Harry Ferguson Day. Containing many interesting facts highlighting Harry’s Inventions, the purpose of the tracts is to illustrate and present to the reader important aspects of the gospel message.
Copies of all tracts will be available at the Harry Ferguson Day on 3rd Saturday in August. Further information is available here.
Copies also available on request.

Harry Ferguson – Northern Bank £20 note.

The 2012 tract is based on the Northern Bank £20 note which pays tribute to Harry Ferguson, and prompts us to think of what money cannot buy.

Famous Fergies Save Wentworth.

The 2011 tract gives an interesting account of the role of the ‘wee fergie’ at Wentworth, New South Wales, Australia, during the floods in 1956.

Famous Ferguson Tractors

The 2010 tract gives an overview of each of the tractors produced by Harry Ferguson.

Harry Ferguson – the Aviator.

The 2009 tract has been produced in relation to the 100th year commemoration of the first flight in Ireland.

Massey Ferguson – 50 Years.

In 2008, the tract was written in connection with the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Massey Ferguson.

The Ferguson System.

The 2007 tract was based on Harry’s invention of the Ferguson System.

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